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Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance plays a key role in the financial policies of the government. The Ministry ensures the proper functioning and international competitiveness of the Dutch financials markets by developing policies and legislation. Stability of the financial system is a key goal in an open and transparent market, in which the consumers are treated fairly.

The Ministry also monitors the quality of the daily supervision of the financial sector. Close contact and co-operation with the financial supervisors, the DNB (de Nederlandse Bank (the Dutch Central Bank) and the AFM (Financial Markets Authority), is essential in order to achieve this.

The Minister of Finance has started a project implementing a number of measures and a plan of action in order to enable the Netherlands to take shape as a centre of finance. Within the framework of the project, the Ministry of Finance is responsive to business needs and is contributing to a business friendly access to the Netherlands financial sector through the Financial Markets Office and the Innovation Room.

The Financial Markets Office forms a single gateway to the government for the financial sector, providing a rapid and effective response to questions about legislation, tax, policy and general information relating to financial markets in the Netherlands.

The Innovation Room has been set up for parties in the financial markets who want to discuss with the government issues concerning their innovative financial products or services in relation to supervision and legislation.

Both the Financial Markets Office and the Innovation Room are joint initiatives of the Ministry of Finance and other parties, including the Tax Authorities and the financial supervisors the DNB (De Nederlandse Bank (the Dutch Central Bank) and the AFM (Financial Markets Authority).


Ministry of Finance
Prinses Beatrixlaan 512
PO Box 20201
2500 EE
The Hague
The Netherlands

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